What Purpose Built Student Accommodation REALLY Is

Crowded dorm rooms, noisy study areas, unattractive cafeteria food – these are just some of the reasons that students are seeking Purpose Built Student Accommodation, or PBSA. The demand for living quarters for students has been rising consistently in the last 15 years. Unfortunately most universities have done little or nothing to improve dormitory living….

Quick Tips You Should Use When You Buy Student Accommodation in the UK

Why Buy Student Accommodation In The UK For Investment Purposes? More and more people are starting to tap into the lucrative student accommodation property market in the UK. Many people are actually buying such properties to invest for their retirement as an alternative to traditional private pensions. This is because income from monthly rent on….

Is Student Accommodation Investment UK Just a Trend or a Lucrative Investment Model?

Many investors have thought of investing in student accommodation in UK sometime. While it may sound very attractive with low entry costs and high rental yields, this niche investment also has its fair share of drawbacks that must be taken into account. Do you like the sound of income returns above average? What happens with….

Overcome Your Fears of Buying Student Accommodation Investment by Reading This

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Overcome your fears of buying student accommodation investment by reading this because it will be a good thing for you to do it. We are going to show you what is going on in the student housing market in London right away, so you can know more. Portfolio Expansion If you are thinking about expanding….

3 Secrets About Student Property for Sale That Industry Experts Don’t Want You to Know

Even as the commercial and residential real estate sectors continue to show dropping rates of return many investors hang on in the hope that the market will soon pick up – they haven’t thought to look into alternative investments, one of the best which is student accommodation. Student property for sale is one of the….