student property for sale

Even as the commercial and residential real estate sectors continue to show dropping rates of return many investors hang on in the hope that the market will soon pick up – they haven’t thought to look into alternative investments, one of the best which is student accommodation. Student property for sale is one of the hottest items in the real estate market today only you may not know it because it remains a well kept secret. Veterans in this niche have made lots of money and rather than risk it becoming saturated they are playing their cards close to the chest. Here are just a few things they don’t want you to know about:

•    According to UCAS the number of student enrolment in UK universities continues to rise by 3% every year and all these students have to live somewhere. Universities are not equipped to house these numbers and what few dorms there are aren’t sufficient – they are crowded and they lack the facilities that modern students are looking for. Their option is purpose built student accommodation. The demand for this kind of student property for sale is high – at any one time there are more than 2 students waiting for a bed to open up.

•    This demand will not be going down any time soon. The United States is making it increasingly difficult for foreigners to work within its borders. Students would rather study in a country where they stand of getting employment and residential papers and the UK gives them this opportunity. It is expected that in the coming years the number of students seeking higher education in the U will only increase and with it the demand for Purpose Built Student Accommodation – it is a real estate investor’s dream.

•    The average rent for students in the UK has been rising with the rising demand for student’s living spaces – the average is now £143 up from £120 per week. At these rates investors are able to recoup their investments before long. Many start by buying a couple of units to test the waters but as soon as they recoup their investment and realize how lucrative this niche is they buy additional units.

So what exactly does student property for sale have that dorms in universities don’t?

In the past, any accommodations that had a Wi-Fi connection and common area were considered luxurious by students. Today, with the higher rents stuents are demanding much more. Good private student accommodation is expected to have a gym, pool, storage, game rooms, a large kitchen, several bathrooms and even en-suite rooms. Students are no longer willing to live with several others in one room – many insist that the maximum number there should be in a single room is just two. This gives you a picture of just how much this kind of housing is in demand.

You are now in on the secrets about student property for sale – why not invest before everyone else finds out?

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