Student AccomodationOvercome your fears of buying student accommodation investment by reading this because it will be a good thing for you to do it. We are going to show you what is going on in the student housing market in London right away, so you can know more.

Portfolio Expansion

If you are thinking about expanding your investment to the student housing market, think again because we have good news for you. Greystar JV will expand its portfolio in the student housing field in London, and they are working hard to realize this vision in the future.

What about Greystar?

Well, this company has $60 million in revenue and around 10,000 employees. We are talking about a successful firm that has been around for decades, and that speaks for itself about the power of this company. So, we are talking about strong, successful companies investing big money in the student housing field, and you should be doing the same if you want to make money.

Allianz Real Estate and PSP Investments are going to invest heavily in London in the student housing market, and that is another good news for you too. These companies will invest heavily in London to add 10,000 beds to the student housing market.


You have to understand that London is an excellent place for students to be there and that is just part of the good things. You can do invest in the student housing market here and make good money right away.


This partnership is awesome because these companies plan to double the size of their portfolio in the next years, and that is great for investors like you because it means that you will truly be able to make money here if you know what you are doing. They will be working hard to acquire a lot of real estate firms and condos, so they will be truly making a killing in this market and you can do it too if you can afford it. You have to know that Greystar is truly a global leader when it comes to student real estate investments.

If you have been worried about investing in the student housing market in London, worry no more because we have told you what is going on there. Yes, should dive into these waters, yet you have to know what you are doing so you can get the ROI you want to get.

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